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We use OLAPLEX Treatment  for over level 10 hair color, breached out, and Straight-permanent.

OLAPLEX restores damaged by repairing from the inside of hair. once all the bonds are intact and in alignment, you have healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair !

Permanent Wave

Hair Treatment

‘‘TEWAZA‘‘ Head spa

A  course   :   Short spa 15:Manipulation Head massage with steam (15min)  ¥4800.

B  course   : Spa 40  :  Manipulation head massage and using the moisture spa cream with steam and healing the music. (40min)  ¥7700                                                                                                         

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※ not including blow dry for color,perm,spa,treatment menu.

vip keratin smoothing treatment

The ultimate smoothing sensational !

vip keratin smoothing treatment is a life-changer that reduces frizz and curl, increases manageability, and cuts daily styling time for up to five months.

Short  hair ¥15,000~ .   medium hair ¥25,000~ . Long  hair~ ¥30,000~ .                           

Eye Lash Lifts,   Eyelash Extension

Our artists work to create the perfect style for you , from natural to dramatic eyes !!

More information , Please check the Eyelash Lifts, Eyelash Extension pages.

Facial Treatment /DermaPlaning : Moisturizing and Brightening.

 A. Stem cell facial therapy 90  : A non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure. This treatment harnesses stem cell technology in creating more collagen with all hand massage.  (90min) ¥9900

 B.Course Clay 60 :  Pearl mask and Hyalron mask with all hand massage (60min) ¥8800

 C. Eye Treatment :  Thalassa eye mask for soothes tired eyes. Work for dark circles around eye.  (10min) ¥1700

DermaPlaning: Go inside pores and work effectively.Using Steam, Seaweed&Matcha pack (60min) ¥8800


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