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Vip Creative Hair International is an elegant salon where you can relax and indulge in a complete range of services for your individual hair needs. Feel at ease in consulting with our  English speaking staff. Our team of experts have been serving the Japanese  and  Foreigner communities in Tokyo for many years.  vip is renowned for specializing in the full range of hair colors for westerners, from the lightest blondes to the darkest brunettes. In addition, indulge in VIPs many other services such as the exclusive Tezawa head spa or experience Kitsuke, full kimono dressing with elegant hair and makeup services.  At vip you will always enjoy an exceptional level of personalized attention while relaxing in a private setting dedicated to your beautification and overall wellbeing.

Information :  Customers using smart phones can click on the menu bar at the top left of the top screen and press the mark in the English column to Jump to the details page of each Treatment details.

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成人式 / Kimono dressing

Beautiful KIMONO Dressing !!
a little early coming age's day .
小さい頃からのお客様シスターズ、なんともう下の子が20歳です。でも立派な大人の女性に成長されました。微笑ましいですね。これからもvip を宜しくお願いいたします。



vip creative hair international.

English speaking hair salon.

元麻布ヴィップ クリエイティブ ヘアー


Christmas Wreath vip creative hair

Yuko's Handmade Christmas Wreath With Natural Japanese fir,cypress,ever-greens. Nice smell 




motoazabu English speaking hair salon Tokyo.

vip creative hair .

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☆Happy 5th Anniversary ☆ Thank you for your patronage.

今日、嬉しい5周年記念日 ♪♪

 ☆Happy 5th Anniversary vip creative hair ☆
Thank you for My Clients,My Staff,My Family and Friends !!
Thank you Ms.Tomoe,We received sweet pancakes

English Speaking hair salon Tokyo.
vip creative hair international.
元麻布ヴィップ クリエイティブ ヘアー
元麻布2-1-21 YSビル2F


Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween ♪
Welcome to the vip Wonderland ☆ Lots of  children dressed in costumes come over~!



また来年もスタッフが仮装してるのでTrick or Treatに来てね~♪


English speaking hair salon



Dear. Customers / 半日休業のお知らせ

こんにちは!元麻布のヴィップ クリエイティブヘアーです。




Sorry to this is short notice.

We are closed on 24th. October. Tuesday from1:00pm.

Thank you for your patronage.


vip creative hair.

English speaking hair salon.