Easy and Beautiful Eye Lash lifts

Now matter how short or long the eyelashes, a Lash Lift is a professional treatment that gives a natural looking upward lift or sweep adding the appearance of length and curl. It is retained, for 6 weeks on average but up to 12 weeks. This technique creates a subtle and natural look while lashes appear substantially longer and fuller. Instead of the lash perming rods used in the past, an eyelash lift is done using specially designed silicone pads that lift and curl the lashes from the base.            Cost:  45min  ¥6600.  ※ Eyelash make up off  plus ¥1100.


1. More prominent, beautiful, long, curled, and defined lashes to enhance the beauty of the eyes without any sort of damage or need for removal.

2. NO extra time smudging or running.

3. Save daily time and effort.

4. Creates the illusion of longer looking lashes.

5. Open eyes-enhancing the natural lashes.

Beautiful  Eye  Lash  Extensions

Our artist ZAKI  works to create the perfect style for you from Natural to Dramatic !!

We use Japanese made  eyelash extension,These are a single strand lash which is applied to each individual natural lash. Our eyelash glue that we use is Japanese medical grade glue. This glue offers superior bonding and meets the highest quality and safety standards !

Special Offer For The First time !!

Quick Dry Head Spa, Hand Treatment or Shoulder Massage


And More ...Eye Treatment Pack Service ! (Value ¥550 )

Price   (Tax included)

 Single lashes                     

 60 pieces..........¥6,600    

 80 pieces..........¥8,800

 100 pieces........¥11,000

 120 pieces~    ¥13,000~

 1 piece.............¥110

3D lashes .....Plus¥3,300 each single price.

 1 piece.............¥150

Eye treatment pack...¥550

Touch-up service 

50 piece or more.

20% Off  within   2weeks.

10%Off  within   4weeks.


If you have any questions, Please feel free to ask our staff.