About  Yuko Okunishi.

In 1991  Yuko Okunishi left for the United States to study the latest fashion and beauty trends of the west. Upon her return to Tokyo in 1995, she established a well-standing reputation at the Tokyo American Club, an exclusive institution known for its prestigious membership of business executives, ambassadors, and celebrities.

In 2003  Okunishi was invited to join a newly opened international salon at the Roppongi Hills.The creative,consitent and cool studio estabulished a trusted bond with the surrounding five-star hotels, which futher accredits Okunishi's outstanding abilities as an artist.

In November of 2013 she relocated closer to her client-base and

rebranded her company as vip creative hair. The fresh space gave Okunishi the inspiration to provide more than the average salon, offering a variety of treatments and services such as facials, waxing, make-up design and fashion consultation.

As one of only artists in her industry who has the ability to unite the boldness of western hair color with the delicate precision of Japanese cut, Yuko Okunishi is able to manipulate hair in way that caters to the international community. Her many years of expertise has resulted in a nuanced style that outlines the human silhouette and enhances the full body image, evoking strength and elegance.

She also emphasizes her passion for communication, the intimate studio and the individual attention work to create a safe and open enviroment where clients are free to express themselves. In this way vip creative hair strives to help clients heal the mind, body and soul through a new look its welcoming staff.